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red cross swimming lessons

Aqua Tots (Parent/Child Class)
Age 6 mos.–2 yrs. Introduces basic skills and safety topics. Basic skills include kicking, bubble blowing, underwater exploration, retrieving submerged objects, combined arm and leg actions and floating. Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper or plastic pants with their swim suit. A caregiver (age 18 or older) is required to be in the water with each child.


Preschool A
Age 3 yrs. The most elementary skills are taught with children starting to develop good attitudes and safe practices around the water. Helps children feel comfortable and enjoy the water safely. In addition to all the skills in the Aqua Tots class they will continue to learn water adjustment, breath control, submerging, and buoyancy on front and back with support. (No parent in water with child.)


Preschool B
Age 4 yrs. Builds on the skills learned in Preschool A and teaches fundamental skills such as floating and basic locomotion. Additional skills introduces include finning, treading, and bobbing. (No parent in water with child.)


Swimming Lessons

Preschool C
Age 5 yrs. Builds on the skills from Preschool B and improves coordination of simultaneous arm and leg actions and alternating arm and leg actions which will be further emphasized in level 1. Some additional skills include jumping in and changing direction. (No parent in water with child.)


Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills
Age 6 yrs. Learn front and back supported and independent floating/kicking, alternating arm action, water safety rules, and use of a life jacket.


Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Age 6 yrs. and up and completion of level 1. Learn submerging, front and back glide, jellyfish and back float, treading, and swim on front and back. For successful completion all skills are completed without assistance and for a distance of 15 feet.


Level 3: Stroke Development
Completion of level 2. Learn to jump into deep water–kneeling dive, rotary breathing–survival float, tread water, front crawl, elementary backstroke, flutter, dolphin and scissors kick.


Level 4: Stroke Improvement
Completion of level 3. The objective is to develop participants’ confidence in the strokes learned thus far and improve other aquatic skills. Participant will review familiar skills and introduce all other strokes which are: front crawl, breast stroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, back crawl and side stroke.


Level 5: Stroke Refinement
Completion of level 4. The objectives of this level are coordination and refinement of strokes. Everything from level 4 is included increasing the distance requiring endurance and adding more deep water skills and flip turns.


Level 6
Completion of level 5. The objective is to refine strokes so participants swim them with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over great distances. Additional activities from personal water safety and fitness swimmer is introduced. All strokes, all turns, timed floats, retrieving a brick and swimming with a brick.

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