Covid-19 update:

We will be open on Wednesday June 10th at 5:30am, there are some necessary policies and procedures we need to have in place. Please adhere to these so that we may remain open and keep our staff and members as safe as possible.

As restrictions and guidelines change we will loosen up and change as we can. Thank you for understanding.

We miss you and can't wait to see you soon!!


In order for us to open, these are the necessary policies and procedures in place.  Please adhere to these so that we may remain open and keep our staff and members as safe as possible.

1.    Currently the LCARC will be open for members and guests  and staffed regular hours
2.    Members and guests under 9 MUST be with a parent or guardian at all times
3.    The gym is open for individual basketball shooting, family time.  Group sports are not permitted at this time.  
4.    You are required to wear a mask when you are in the building but not actively exercising.
5. From 9:30am -11am will be a good time for high risk individuals to come use the facility.

What to expect from us:
1.    Our staff will wear masks when interacting with members.
2.    We are disinfecting  throughout the day.
3.    We have reduced “touch points” as much as possible, including closing the downstairs bathroom and are leaving doors propped where possible.
4.    We have provided sanitizer at different points in the building.

What we expect from you:
1.    Please adhere to the policies; this is what is allowing us to open.  
2.    If you are feeling sick at all, stay home.
3.    Maintain social distancing at all times in the building.  
4.    Please keep your workout to an hour to allow other members to exercise also.
5.    Whenever possible, come at slower times during the day.
6.    When using the weight room, sanitize each piece of equipment as you use it.

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