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pool rules

  1. All swimmers must be at least six years of age or be accompanied by an adult. 

  2. Admission to the pool shall be refused to all persons having infectious conditions, contagious diseases, excessive sunburn, unhealed abrasions or having his/her body on any plaster pad/adhesive tape/or bandages. The LCARC retains the right to refuse admission.

  3. Only patrons with swimsuits are allowed in the pool enclosure. Absolutely no cut-off jeans or sweats are allowed. Aquatic Management must clear all exceptions.

  4. All persons are required to take a shower before entering the pool. Bathers who leave the pool area are required to shower again before re-entering the pool.

  5. No street shoes are allowed on the deck of the pool.

  6. No food, gum, drink, or tobacco is allowed in the pool area. The food must stay in the designated area -- patio.

  7. No glass objects or containers are allowed in the pool enclosure, including the patio area.

  8. No floatation devices are allowed in the pool -- except for Coast Guard approved life jackets. Parents must accompany their children in lifejackets and stay in one arms reach of the child. Snorkels and masks will not be allowed during open swim. Fins are allowed if it is not too busy and they are properly using them. Foam balls are permitted. Floatation devices (noodles and some other blow-ups as long as it is not too busy) will only be allowed during discount night (currently Mondays), Friday nights upon the guard’s discretion and during other organized activities. Infant floats may be used in the zero depth area (absolutely no water wings).

  9. Personal conduct in the pool and locker rooms must be such that the safety of self and others is not jeopardized.

  10. Persons shall refrain from spitting or spouting water and blowing their nose in the pool or on the deck. 

  11. Foul language will not be tolerated at the Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center.

  12. Persons shall refrain from rough and boisterous play, unnecessary hanging on each other, and running on the pool deck. People will not be allowed to sit on others shoulders. Parents will not be allowed to toss their children in the air or put children on shoulders (backs are fine).

  13. Persons shall not dive in the main pool, the wading pool, or the spa. 

  14. No one is permitted in the guard chairs except for the lifeguards.

  15. Persons shall be allowed to enter the pool feet first only.

  16. Visiting with the lifeguards is forbidden.

  17. Life ropes and lane markers are placed in the water for safety reasons. Patrons should not be hanging on them.

  18. Persons ejected from the pool for disciplinary reasons will not be refunded their admission charge.


Wading Pool/Zero-depth entry Rules

  1. Children under the age of six must be accompanied and supervised by a person who is fourteen years of age or older.

  2. All children must wear swimsuits – NO DISPOSABLE DIAPERS.

  3. No excessive splashing will be allowed.

  4. Persons may bring in equipment for the children to be used only in the wading pool. Hard toys or toys deemed dangerous by the lifeguards may be refused.



Shipwreck Slide Rules

  1. This slide is for those 6 and under.

  2. Only one person going down the slide at one time.

  3. Lifejackets may be worn when using the waterslide.

  4. Patrons need to walk up the stairs to the top of the waterslide.

  5. Individuals must go down the slide feet first.

  6. Patrons are not to plug the hose spouting water at the top of the slide.

  7. Parents are not allowed to go down the slide with the child. Too heavy of weight will cause wear on the bolts of the landing pad.



Spa Rules

  1. An adult must accompany children under the age of eighteen when using the spa.

  2. Patrons must limit their usage time to fifteen minutes.

  3. Patrons must use the stairs while entering and exiting the spa.

  4. Patrons will not be allowed to dunk their head under the water or swim/splash around while in the spa.



Plunge Slide Rules

  1. Only one person going down the slide at one time.

  2. No lifejackets may be worn when using the water slide.

  3. Patrons need to walk up the stairs to the top of the waterslide.

  4. Individuals must go down the slide feet first. Rider must be seated forwards or lying down with feet entering the pool first.

  5. No diving from the flume.

  6. Patrons must follow the instructions of the lifeguard.

  7. Patrons may not run, stand, kneel, rotate, tumble, or stop in the flume.

  8. Patrons must keep both hands and feet inside the flume at all time.

  9. Patrons must leave the flume pool promptly after entering.

  10. If given permission from the lifeguard an adult (not a sibling) may catch a younger child at the bottom and then exit the area immediately.

  11. There are not to be any swimmers in the plunge pool area.

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